Jordan 2011, The Royal jordanian Falcons


Shows: Aqada Flagstaff

2004. Active; focal plane about 43 m (141 ft); flashing red light. 41 m (135 ft) giant flagstaff. The flag flown from the staff is not the Jordanian national flag; it is the Pan-Arab or Arab Revolt flag orginally used by Arab forces fighting against the Ottoman Empire during World War I. This was the world's tallest flagpole when it was built, although much taller ones have been built since. The base of the shaft is 2.6 m (8.6 ft) in diameter. Located on the Aqaba waterfront, north of the Harbor Control tower and near the Aqaba Museum. Admiralty E6044.2. Position: Lat: 29° 31' 1N/Long: 034° 59'5O